TV Spain

How to watch TV Spain?

Spanish channels in Spain

TV Spain can be watched with any DVB-T receiver brought from the UK or any other country. Since DVB-T receivers can be used in any country that transmits the DVB standard. So in order to watch TV Spain any DVB- T receiver would work to watch digital terrestrial television (DTT in Spanish TDT).

One should consider before purchasing a DVB-T receiver is that it is only possible to receive the Spanish channels available in Spain. And most of these channels feature the Spanish language.
TV Spain has a very good DVB-T reception with more than 98 % of the population being able to receive DVB-T signals. In order to receive TV Spain a DVB-T receiver is needed since analogue TV was replaced by DVB-T. A DVB-T receiver decodes the data transmitted and displays it as an image on the television. Many Britains enjoy English and Spanish television on the costa del sol or Malaga. A trick on getting the satellite dish positioned is to check in which direction neighbours satellite dishes are pointing.

UK channels in Spain (i.e BBC HD und ITV HD)

There are two ways of receiving British TV Spain

One way would be by using broadband internet since most channels offer direct TV streaming or live streaming over the internet. Some broadcasting websites do not accept foreign Internet Protokols (IPs) or in this case Spanish IPs since some UK TV channels are not meant to be watched abroad due to licence issues.
While the other option to watch British TV Spain requires a satellite dish and an English Freesat or Freesat HD (High Definition) since some channels like ITV are only available with a Freesat receiver on (Astra 2D satellite at 28.2’E) so Spanish satellite receiver would not be able to display all the channels on the TV Spain. So the best way is to purchase the necessary gadgets in Britain or to order them on eBay UK.

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